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Exciting Stuff Ahead For Rentegration


It's been a while since I've posted anything, so I wanted to keep everyone apprised as to the goings on here at Rentegration.

California Form Set - Our basic for set for California has been completed by our attorneys and we're working on integrating them into the system. There will be more forms to follow, but this initial set will include all of the basic necessities, including a rental agreement, lease agreement, rental application, etc. Should be live soon.

Accounting - Our basic property management accounting / ledger module is in final Beta testing right now. This will go live in Q2.

Fast Cash - Also launching in Q2 is our Fast Cash referral program, where you can earn cash for referring customers to Rentegration. Stay tuned!

Here's a short video that we put together on the benefits of rental housing associations working with Rentegration:

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Until next time, thank you for your interest in Rentegration Property Management Software.

- LM